Greg's Mission

If you are like most people, you work incredibly hard. The idea of reaching your financial goals and trying to live the lifestyle you desire may be daunting. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, practicing professional, social influencer, corporate executive, or affluent family, a busy work life or family schedule can make it challenging to have enough time, energy or appropriate resources to plan properly.

Contrary to popular belief, building lasting wealth and financial freedom doesn’t come down to luck, having a magic formula or already being wealthy. It is simply having the right mindset, building the proper habits and planning foundation, and taking the right steps considering your circumstances and your goals.

Managing your wealth and being financially literate is not a casual life choice, it is a responsibility to yourself and your family that is too often overlooked and taken for granted. Unfortunately, the savings and investing track record for most people in the United States is not the best. Too many people put off starting or improving upon a financial plan because they don’t know where to begin and lack a solid financial education. Often, I’ve seen young families, beginner investors, and even highly successful professionals take no action or make poor financial mistakes because they simply didn’t have the right person or resources to guide them.

Fortunately, I am here to do my part to help! As a Financial Advisor and consultant working with a range of clientele including entrepreneurs, business professionals, physicians, and affluent families, I have learned a TON in my career. I’ve been fortunate to help families manage millions of dollars and scale a multi 6 figure business. I am grateful for the lessons and experiences I’ve had so far, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow daily as I strive for my own personal and professional goals.

In doing that I feel passionate and obligated to not only share my journey with you, but share the financial knowledge, strategies, and techniques I have learned and continue to use to help my clients with every single day. As a coach, confidant, and financial resource, my goal is to inspire and guide you to master your financial world, achieve the life you desire, and share principles in areas of wealth, business, and mindset that can help you empower your life.

Welcome to the Drozdow Financial family, and thanks for joining me and my team. We look forward to connecting with you and guiding you on your financial journey!

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