The Process: What To Expect

My role and my team’s role is to serve as the quarterback to help you build your ideal financial planning powerhouse. Every client’s situation is different, as your goals and values may be different than someone else’s. However, through our proven and standardized planning process, we will help you accomplish your most pressing needs and greatest desires efficiently and effectively:

1) Discovery: Identify and Prioritize Your Bottlenecks and Goals

The first step is to gather what we call discovering the “Facts and Feelings” related to your goals and your current financial situation. The facts are obviously the details of where you stand today financially. This includes your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, current investments, work-related retirement benefits, and so on. The “feelings” relate more to your emotions about what you want for yourself or your family throughout the remainder of your life. This can include bottlenecks your facing right now or goals you’re aiming to achieve. We want to discover, and truly understand, what you want to achieve so we can best help you get there.

2) Data Gathering: Validation

The second step is analyze the “Facts and Feelings” very carefully. Once we’ve collected all the necessary information, we share our findings with you, and make sure what we see is what you see and we are on the same page. We use some of the best technology and industry experience to help you develop a “financial blueprint” like the blueprint for a new house. It will show you exactly what the “house” will look like when it is finished and exactly what we need to do to build it that way. This “financial blueprint” will help us identify your strengths and weaknesses, what progress you’ve made towards your goals so far, and exactly what we need to do to help you get to where you want to be.

3) Strategic Solution Design

We will then discuss which strategies and investments you want to use to help you achieve your goals. We will make proposals with what we think are your 2 to 3 best options and create a customized solution for you that addresses any gaps in your planning as well as potential opportunities for you to best use your money to reach your goals.

4) Implementation

A plan without any action taken doesn’t do you any good. We finally are able to bring the solutions to life by implementing your plan which could include:

-Implementing a strategic checkpoint process for initiating every step and strategy in your action plan.

-Opening the right accounts for the short term and long term, brokerage accounts, or retirement accounts

-Setting up automatic contributions to consistently build wealth

-Creating appropriately managed investment, tax deferral and income generating strategies

-Initiate and apply for life insurance, disability insurance, and other risk management strategies that you may need for your family or estate

-Working with third parties whether they are your existing partners or contacts from our extensive network of trusted professionals to accomplish every piece of your plan.

5) Review and Monitor

This is the step that continues indefinitely and forms the basis of our long-term relationship. Once we have fully implemented your initial plan, we will set up a regular periodic review schedule to get together and review your progress. You will have access to your own client portal with some of the best and most user friendly technology in the industry. You’ll have a live picture of your financial status on a daily basis, and we will make sure that the strategies we implement are doing what we expected. We will also consider any changes in your life that may affect your planning. It is very important to do these financial tune-ups on a regular basis to stay up to date with important trends because even the most successful plans need periodic refinements.

Our Personalized Approach:

It’s important to understand what is valuable to you. We know that every client is different and developing a financial plan that you like and are comfortable with is as important as developing one that works.

Trusted and Knowledgeable Advice:

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide advice from a team of skilled financial professionals in all areas. I always maintain a continuous focus on understanding the most current investment strategies, products, and economic environment. What is most important to us is that you receive advice that is smart, effective, and always in your best interest. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Proactive and Timely Service:

An essential piece of your success is monitoring progress and adapting your financial plan as your needs change. In the ever-changing and fast moving world we live in, proactive planning is vital to your success. We will navigate you turn-by-turn to help ensure you take the most appropriate route to reach your destination given your situation.

My team and I are here to provide you with the tools necessary to build wealth the way you desire, make intelligent financial decisions, learn about opportunities that can improve your business, family and your life. We will enable you to not only spend more time chasing the great things you desire today, but help you take control of your mindset, finances, and lifestyle to be prepared for the future regardless of what tomorrow brings.

We are excited to work with you and look forward to helping you build the financial lifestyle you seek and deserve!

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